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The design office serge cornelissen lighting-tool designers started its activities in 1993.

It was founded by Serge Cornelissen (1970) who graduated in architecture in 1993 at the Sint Lucas Institute in Ghent, Belgium.
Serge Cornelissen is assisted by Robert Cornelissen (1946) who designed lighting fixtures since 1982 for different lighting companies.

Since its start, the bureau has specialized exclusively in the design of architectural lighting fixtures and systems. Lighting tools designed by serge cornelissen are produced by several trendsetting lighting companies; they are applied in architectural projects worldwide and are regularly rewarded by international design awards.
Designs by serge cornelissen are not characterized by a particular recognizable style, as some kind of designer's trade mark. Instead, the philosophy is that the field of architectural lighting is just as diverse as architecture itself.


Tagora Recessed 80

Tagora Ceiling 270

Tagora Suspension 270

Tagora Recessed 270

Tagora Recessed 570

Tagora Recessed 970

Tagora Ceiling 80

Tagora Ceiling 570

Tagora Ceiling 970

Tagora Suspension 80

Tagora Suspension 570

Tagora Suspension 970