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ITALO ROTA was born in 1953 in Milan and graduated in Architecture from the Milan Polytechnic.

He moved to Paris where he lived for about ten years.
His return to Italy - since 1996 he has been living in Milan - marked the beginning of a highly creative phase including projects that ranged from museum installations and the Maison Cavalli (the showroom cafés in Miami, Milan and Moscow) to a series of interest architecture, fashion and design enthusiasts.

Italo Rota is eclectic personality of the contemporary architecture. He is one of the most charming Italian architect and designer for his experimentation in the field of setting: he conceives surprising devices and temporarily structures of extraordinary effectiveness, he creates scenery and magical ambiences that go with exhibitions and events.

Distinctive features of Studio Rota & Partners are the richness of forms, colours, materials. This accumulation of means – including the characteristic using of light, curvatures, bold bent lines -gives the designs the impression of multidimensionality, merging of spaces, movement. Interiors, objects, everyday items appear to be incredibly vivid and full of life.